Piano-Playing Kittens

I was just thinking about how Halloween will soon be around the corner (one of my fave holidays) so to celebrate that fact here are two gorgeous kittens to play a spooky tune for you.  Enjoy! 😀

Visit sweetfurx4’s YouTube channel for more videos of fluffiful goodness. =^_^=

You Know What Time It Is

I’ve published my first post of the week one day late, my film reviews of what I saw over the weekend are still in progress and I’m stuck in work.  The only thing that can make me smile at this point is to look at the clock.  Why?  Because it’s…

Have a Fun (and Safe!) Weekend Everyone

Ahhh there’s nothing like the feeling of that well earned cup of tea!  Work went by pretty smoothly, I spent much of my time doing a bit of the cleaning and reception duties.  The high point of the day was when I was humming along to my iPod while doing the hoovering, remembering what appearances certain songs made in my favourite TV shows.  Gotta love that one time where everyone danced to “The Safety Dance” on Family Guy.  Not that doing the hoovering is always so great, in fact I am still mentally scarred from one particular occasion… (more…)


Everything started off great.  I woke up this morning feeling much better, work went smoothly, the sun was shining enough to go for a relaxing nature walk, I went into my room to switch on the ol’ laptop and BAM!!!  After starting up Firefox I realised that I couldn’t connect to the internet.  “That’s no problem!”, I thought to myself as I moved the computer near the windowsill to get better reception.  Upon checking my mobile I saw that it had no signal either and that it was going to be “one of those days” in my area.  After half an hour of fiddling around it was evident that no life would stir on the network so I’ve arranged to use another kind person’s laptop to type my daily ramblings! (more…)



Feeling better today!  Woo hoo!  Since my work shift is over, I have decided to treat myself to a horror film.  It might sound bizarre to hear me talking about the genre where things go bump in the night, especially in a blog dedicated to happiness, but getting scared from watching a film can put me in the greatest of moods afterwards.  (more…)

Burger Queen

Whaddya do with a girl who breaks into sneezing fits every 5 minutes and coughs all over everything?  Send her to the kitchen!  Well that’s how it went today in work as I helped with the dinner shift to serve a large group of guests.  (more…)

Infected & Rejected

Firstly, a big thank you goes to Jake and Moment Matters for liking my last post!  This is my very first blog and yours were the first likes I’ve received so it really made me feel great. 🙂

Work was difficult today for many reasons, mostly due to the flu and the fact that it’s a Sunday.  Unfortunately my lurking germs have made people avoid coming too close to me and act as if I have rabies.  Ah well, on the bright side that meant that no one was close enough to the computer to notice me looking up gossip on MSN.  Score 1-0 to flu! (more…)