Burger Queen

Whaddya do with a girl who breaks into sneezing fits every 5 minutes and coughs all over everything?  Send her to the kitchen!  Well that’s how it went today in work as I helped with the dinner shift to serve a large group of guests.  I was going back and forth around the back to sneeze far away from the food and kept washing my hands non-stop so I think my germs haven’t spread.  The cuisine of choice was burgers, although I wasn’t in charge of preparing them.  I was given the sacred duty of being the scooper of the fries, distributing them upon each plate in a graceful, almost ethereal manner.  All kidding aside though, the grub was enjoyed and no plates were smashed in the process so it was a good time had by all!

A big thank you goes to Patrick Latter and moolta.com for the likes!  What a great feeling to know that people are reading my crazy scrawlings. 😉

Curious to see who are the real deal when it comes to Burger Queens?  Then look no further, check out the link below to see the annual British BQ beauty pageant.  The fun and optimistic attitudes of these wildly overfed lovelies will leave you with a smile on your face. 😀

Burger Queen 2012

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