Everything started off great.  I woke up this morning feeling much better, work went smoothly, the sun was shining enough to go for a relaxing nature walk, I went into my room to switch on the ol’ laptop and BAM!!!  After starting up Firefox I realised that I couldn’t connect to the internet.  “That’s no problem!”, I thought to myself as I moved the computer near the windowsill to get better reception.  Upon checking my mobile I saw that it had no signal either and that it was going to be “one of those days” in my area.  After half an hour of fiddling around it was evident that no life would stir on the network so I’ve arranged to use another kind person’s laptop to type my daily ramblings!

It’s amazing how dependent we can be on the internet.  I spent a good portion of the hours in work thinking about the wonderful things I’d look up when surfing the web this evening – checking emails, looking up the latest news and gossip, watching a few funny YouTube videos, checking eBay and researching different themes for this website were all a part of the plan.  Once I found myself “offline” to the world (cue the dramatic music!) at first it admittedly was a struggle to accept defeat and move on to another form of entertainment, but as I reacquainted myself with a few unread comics in my collection and the joys of doodling on my sketch pad rather than the graphics tablet, I remembered how fun it is to just sit back and take that precious time away from cyberspace. 🙂

In the mood for fun without being in front of the computer?  Then click below for inspiration from the hilarious cartoon “Bob’s Burgers”!  This clip is rich with groovy activities to do, with everything from going out for a night on the town to writing…erotic friend fiction??

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