Have a Fun (and Safe!) Weekend Everyone

Ahhh there’s nothing like the feeling of that well earned cup of tea!  Work went by pretty smoothly, I spent much of my time doing a bit of the cleaning and reception duties.  The high point of the day was when I was humming along to my iPod while doing the hoovering, remembering what appearances certain songs made in my favourite TV shows.  Gotta love that one time where everyone danced to “The Safety Dance” on Family Guy.  Not that doing the hoovering is always so great, in fact I am still mentally scarred from one particular occasion…

I won’t give too much away to keep the staff anonymous, but not so long ago I was working in an art space where a major fashion label was showing it’s new collection (let’s call them the American version of Gucci), and none of the art staff were supposed to be present in the building for a week or two while the fashionistas used their own in-house team.  It was about a week in when (cue the dramatic music) I got a phone call from the art people saying that the fashion team specifically requested for me to help them on Saturday and to turn up in my fanciest gear.  I was excited.  MEGA excited!

I have always had an interest in fashion and thought this could potentially be a big break for me, so on Saturday morning I spent 2 hours primping and preening until I looked as close as I could to one of those sleek fashion editors from Ugly Betty.  Geared up in my sky high stilettos, new dress and book of fashion sketches I headed to the building’s front door.


Feeling confused I quickly unlocked the door and looked around the showroom.


A few minutes later I got a call from the art people.  Turns out that they got the details wrong and the fashion team only wanted me in there to do the cleaning while they had a day off.  So, consequently, the rest of the hours there were spent dusting and hoovering in heels until I got home to find I’d given myself the worst case of blisters I’ve ever had.  Moral of the story?  Never vacuum in stilettos…or dust in a sequined dress…you get the picture! 😉

Today is my version of Friday as I have a long weekend off so I will bid you adieu until my next post which will be on Monday.  For now I will leave you with one of my all-time favourite feel-good songs, click below for NRBQ’s “Always Safety First” (notably featured in The Simpson’s episode “Bye Bye Nerdie”).  Take care this weekend – make sure that you make the most of your days off, fill them with fun and happiness and, above all, keep yourselves safe and sound! 😀

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