Happy Halloween!


Ahhh the wonder and delight of Halloween!  This is truly one of my favourite holidays of the year and it never fails to give me a burst of happiness.  It’s not just my love of all things macabre in literature and film that helps me love today but it’s also the fact that it is the rare occasion where you can dress up and transform yourself into anything you wish.  From a creepy ghoul to an innocent fairy, the only limit is your imagination, and for the day you get to play “make believe” and have the fun of taking a holiday away from yourself to imagine what life would be like if your fantasies became reality. (more…)

Holiday Veggies

I can’t believe that Christmas is around the corner already.  Is it just me or has this year gone by incredibly fast?  Ah well, I’m feeling very upbeat because soon I will be booking my flight home next month to New Zealand to spend the holidays with my family.  It’s going to be brilliant spending the festive season in the sunshine once again – as a Kiwi I’m used to feeling the Christmas spirit by smearing on the sunscreen and heading for the beach!

It will be eventful in another sense too as I am planning on taking a mini-holiday on the way home to explore two new cities I have always wanted to visit – Paris and Tokyo.  (more…)

Critic’s Corner: Anna Karenina (2012)

© Focus Features (2012)

After a few weeks of battling a nasty chest infection (it turned out the flu was only a precursor) I’m now back to regularly update this blog – please find my film review of Anna Karenina below!

Joe Wright’s version of Tolstoy’s literary masterpiece is an ambitious film, packed with artistic flair and a seemingly big budget, but sadly this interpretation of the tale completely falls flat.  In an effort to make this version updated and unique compared with the rest of the film adaptations, Wright made the risky decision to set the entire film’s backdrop in a theatre building with the characters constantly pushing the idea that we are watching an ongoing play (going so far as to show the characters around the back of the stage and showing extras changing props etc).  Despite this technique sometimes being visually striking, most of the time it takes away from any immersion you would hope to have in the film.  (more…)