Critic’s Corner: The Blob (1958)

© Paramount Pictures

In celebration of the fact that Halloween is around the corner (my favourite holiday!), today’s film review is brought to you by that titan of terror himself, Dr. Z!

This feel-good horror movie starts off with an insanely cheesy theme song that sets the mood for what is to come.  The ridiculous monster is a large mound of jelly that slithers under doorways, through vents, and up people’s legs.  It arrives on Earth via meteor and human contact with this ball of slime burns through flesh like acid.  The creature grows larger and larger by absorbing it’s victims.

Steve McQueen, in his first starring role, plays a 28-year-old teen having a hard time convincing the cops about the Blob’s existence.  The pace of this movie is S-L-O-W, which is a shame, as the silent red jelly is a unique villain and has more personality than the majority of the human characters put together.  The finale culminates in the creature being cornered in a fast food diner, getting sprayed by every fire extinguisher the authorities can get their hands on, which finally makes the Blob inert.  The military then arrive in time to cart it off to the North Pole in an ice pack.

Rating: 5 out of 10 Stars

To sum up, it’s not bad but not painful!  If you’re in the mood for a great McQueen flick then try such classics as Bullitt or The Great Escape.

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