My Top 12 Moments of Happiness from 2012


Well it’s that time of year again, it’s New Year’s Eve and the fireworks and drinks are being liberally enjoyed by one and all.  Just before I continue with the festivities however, I decided that I would like to sit down and reflect on the year that’s past and what I want from the year ahead.  Focusing on what you’ve learned in the past to make the future ahead a bit brighter is what it’s all about, so I’ve decided to list my top 12 moments of happiness in 2012 (in no particular order):

12.  Watching the midnight showing of Killer Joe while in Edinburgh on a mini-break with my boyfriend.  I really loved the dark tone of the film and our dinner beforehand was great (a giant calzone each from Frankie & Benny’s).

11.  Witnessing the beauty of the Louvre in Paris – simply breathtaking.  The high point was seeing the magnificent Athena of Velletri.  Sorry my dear Mona Lisa, you got upstaged!

10.  Discovering the Nostalgia Critic and the Angry Video Game Nerd on YouTube.  Hours and hours of my time have flown by watching these two reviewing anything and everything weird and wonderful, truly a nerd’s dream come true.

9.  Staring awestruck at the amazing artistry in the Studio Ghibli Museum.  I went crazy at the gift shop I can tell ya…

8.  Watching the music video for Gangnam Style for the first time just as I’d booked the tickets to visit Japan and getting overexcited about the trip.  Alright, I know the single’s actually Korean, but it still had the right energy!

7.  Going over-the-top in my Halloween festivities by dressing up as a vampire for the day (a scary one, not the Twilight kind!) and spending the evening watching a horror movie marathon with my boyfriend and sipping on Baileys.

6.  Discovering Youtube makeup tutorials and getting amazing tips and tricks to help me feel more confident in my look.  Did you know that people take you more seriously when you don’t have panda eyes? 🙂

5.  Watching Jersey Shore for the first time while drinking mojitos – since then whenever that combo is used, hilarity ensues!

4.  Attending the London comic conventions Comica and Kapow! as an exhibitor, as I’d just finished producing my first self-published comic “Sevillana and the Alien Battle Monkey of Doom” (still available at Orbital Comics).  These events really took me out of my shell as I had tonnes of fun and made friends with a lot of the artists involved.

3.  Facing my fears to sing and play guitar in an open mic night somewhere near Camden.  It was terrifying!  In the end, however, the crowd seemed to enjoy it as much as I did and I went away feeling on top of the world.

2.  Starting this blog!  I’ve always fancied trying out blogging but I never had the proper inclination to start one TODAY.  It was always tomorrow, another time when I’m less busy…the excuses kept on coming until I just decided that I needed to start acting on the goals I want to set for myself, so I signed up to WordPress and here I am.  Already I’ve been very happy with the feedback that you’ve given me and the fact that anyone would take the time to read my words really brightens my day!

1.  Arriving home to my family and friends in sunny New Zealand.  Very little has changed in my hometown and everything still has that warm, familiar atmosphere to it.  They say that true happiness is to love and to be loved in return, and I really sense that here at home.

That’s all for now folks, I hope you have a fantastic evening and that 2013 brings you the happiness and joy you deserve.  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! 🙂

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