Haiku for Today


Seeing real estate

Could this be the home for us?

For now we shall wait

The poem above essentially explains my day today.  I spent the entirety of the afternoon with my family viewing a property which potentially could be our new home.  After days of deliberating we saw the place for the second time today, put in our offer and are now waiting to hear back from the sellers… (more…)

Let the Sunshine In

Gulf Harbour, New Zealand

Gulf Harbour, New Zealand

So far it’s been a case of “all’s well that ends well” as my interview day turned out fantastic, yesterday I prioritised my goals for this year/spring-cleaned my laptop and today I was able to relax and have a nice long walk around the area where I live (pictured above)… (more…)

A Bad Night


It’s just been one of those days today if you know what I mean.  One of “those” days, where you wake up in the morning and as soon as you get out of bed you set the record for having nothing going right for the rest of the day?  Yep, well this one definitely hits the mark!  (more…)

The Top 10 Cartoon Losers I’d Consider Dating

Alright, here’s the scenario: if you could magically get sucked into the animated world, who would you like to date?  Let’s face it, most people choose the resident Adonises of the genre, from the muscle-bound Brock Samson to the oddly charming Sterling Archer (and for the men, Holli Would etc), so I felt it was my duty to give the Average Joes of the cartoon world a chance.  Without further ado, let’s begin the list of the Top 10 Losers I’d Consider Dating…

10. Steve Smith

© American Dad

© American Dad

Steve Smith walks the walk but doesn’t quite talk the talk when it comes to charming the ladies, however his love of all things nerdy coupled with spontaneous renditions of boyband classics, makes him the perfect guy for a fun date at a comic convention. (more…)

2013: New Year’s Resolutions


The above is a scan of the page I created from printing paper and coloured pencils to remind me of all the New Year’s resolutions I would like to work towards and achieve in 2013.  I have stuck this into one of my old plastic sign holders and have put it next to my mirror on the dressing table to remind me of these goals everyday – fingers crossed it does the trick!  (more…)