A Bad Night


It’s just been one of those days today if you know what I mean.  One of “those” days, where you wake up in the morning and as soon as you get out of bed you set the record for having nothing going right for the rest of the day?  Yep, well this one definitely hits the mark!  Not that anything remotely terrible has happened as such, it’s just been kind of grim where I’ve been experiencing everything from IT issues to getting soaked in a heavy downpour of rain.

Ah well, tomorrow I have 2 job interviews lined up so hopefully something positive comes from that.  For now though, I know that I’m going to have a session of insomnia tonight from thinking about tomorrow so I’ve decided to tempt fate and just relax watching movies until past midnight and we’ll see what happens!

Are you having a bad day or experiencing a bit of the blues?  Well why not have a go at laughing at the situation?  Nothing lightens the mood for me better than listening to the humorous early pop single “A Bad Night” from Cat Stevens!  Try watching the live performance below and realise that even if you’re not going to have the greatest of days, just go ahead and own it…and maybe it won’t be as bad as you think after all. 😉

5 thoughts on “A Bad Night

  1. Cheer up a little…it’s Wednesday!! Best of luck for your coming job interviews and hope to hear from cheery news from you soon…

    Have a nice day, always~ 😀

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