Bring out the Celebration Biscuits


We’re a step closer to having a done deal on buying the house!  All that’s left is one more signature to go on a dotted line and then that means we’ll be moving into the property by mid-March.  Woo yeah! 😀  In other news, I’m also having the opportunity to move onto bigger and better things, as my quest re job interviews is continuing throughout this week at some amazing companies.  Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to settle into a great role soon – I’m definitely feeling positive about things falling into place this year!  Plus I’m hoping that there’s a bit of extra luck in the air at the moment as this is the last week of the Year of the Dragon (my year).

Entertainment-wise, lately I’ve been looking at a few Nostalgia Critic videos as I’ve been looking forward to seeing him back in action with his new review being released tomorrow.  Are you as excited as I am about seeing the Critic back with fresh new ideas, or do you think it is a shameless stunt after having fan backlash over Doug’s new series Demo Reel?  I can understand how people would come to that conclusion, however I’d like to think that Doug Walker decided to return to playing the Critic out of enthusiasm and of the realisation that there’s plenty more to be done with the character.  Bring it on!

In the mood for watching reviews on the internet?  If you’re a gamer then I definitely recommend the Angry Joe Show or the Angry Video Game Nerd – if there’s the word “Angry” in the title then you know it’s good!  In celebration of the Critic’s comeback tomorrow, why not check out his review of “Doomsday Machine”?  Or, as it is sometimes called, “ET: The Extra Titillating”! 😉

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