Forever Autumn

As I’ve started getting into my stride these past few weeks, I’ve started regularly going on hour-long nightly walks around the streets of my local area and indulging in deep reflection.  Reflecting on my situation now, my hopes and dreams for the future and, most of all, the time that I had spent in London. (more…)



It has been a while since my last update due to a lot of changes that have been happening in my life!  Some for the better, some for the worse.  Some were made by conscious decision, others have unexpectedly come from out of the blue. (more…)

PostSecret: Auckland, NZ 2013

Back on Friday, 12 April, I experienced an event filled with powerful emotions and ideas.  Happiness, sadness, anger, rejection, hilarity, confusion…but most of all, hopefulness.  As I sat impatiently in my seat, waiting for Frank Warren – the creator of the PostSecret project – to walk onto the stage, I had no idea of just how important the project’s message of hope was.  How many lives it has changed for the better.  How many lives it has saved. (more…)