PostSecret: Auckland, NZ 2013

Back on Friday, 12 April, I experienced an event filled with powerful emotions and ideas.  Happiness, sadness, anger, rejection, hilarity, confusion…but most of all, hopefulness.  As I sat impatiently in my seat, waiting for Frank Warren – the creator of the PostSecret project – to walk onto the stage, I had no idea of just how important the project’s message of hope was.  How many lives it has changed for the better.  How many lives it has saved.

Frank Warren is definitely now a hero of mine.  In his presentation he gives an account of how the project was started, from printing 3,000 blank postcards and handing every one of them out on the streets of Washington D.C. to turning the project into one of the most influential blogs in the world, and discusses his own personal journey of self-discovery in overcoming adversity.

Everybody has their own story, their own secret.  Witnessing audience members walk up to the shared microphone to share their secrets live really did hit home just how important is it to treat others with kindness and understanding, and how we can forget how fragile people’s hearts can be if we mistreat them.  Viewing the postcard secrets on the large screen on stage reminded me that I myself share some of the secrets that have been revealed, reminding me that we are never as alone as we think we are in this world.  Love can keep each other connected and hope can get us through those dark times.  Speaking from experience, it really does help to talk out your problems and have someone help mirror that hope back to you – whether it be from a loved one or from one of the amazing people from counselling networks such as Lifeline.

I highly recommend checking out this presentation if Frank Warren ever travels to your area.  It is an insightful look into the human condition and spreads its message of hope with great sensitivity and passion.  As for myself, I will continue to follow the PostSecret blog each Sunday and will look forward to seeing many more of the secrets we share.  And one day, perhaps I will share one of my own… 🙂

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