Forever Autumn

As I’ve started getting into my stride these past few weeks, I’ve started regularly going on hour-long nightly walks around the streets of my local area and indulging in deep reflection.  Reflecting on my situation now, my hopes and dreams for the future and, most of all, the time that I had spent in London.

Those cold city streets would sometimes contain negativity and it was hard work creating a work/life balance in the hectic pace of the metropolitan, but the city also had that sense of excitement and wonder…  There were always new and exciting places to discover.  I felt a real kick out of constantly experiencing the unfamiliar and adventuring forth to unknown horizons.  Independent and having a sense that I was living life to the fullest.  Being back in my hometown is wonderful and I’m now back with the people I love but still, from time to time, I find myself living in my memories and wonder if I’ll ever accomplish my dreams to continue exploring Europe.  My day will come though, one day in the future I will return to the city I once called home.

In the meantime though I will concentrate on making the most of my goals here in New Zealand and will endeavour to enjoy the biggest and brightest adventures of my life yet!  Plus, there are the little things here which truly are magical.  I’m forever grateful to be able to look up into the blackness of the night’s sky and see it littered with glistening stars…rather than, ya know, smog!

Today’s happiest moment for me was when I was at the top of the hill during my walk and I felt a sense of peacefulness, overlooking the houses lining the sea and listening to the beautiful sounds of Justin Hayward’s voice singing Forever Autumn (recorded for Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds).  Take care, have a wonderful rest of the week and remember to enjoy the beauty of the night’s sky (just watch out for aliens!). 😉

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