The Top 10 Songs That Cheer Me Up


We all experience times in our lives when it feels like we are swept up in the drama and negativity of everyday life and therefore need something to help cheer ourselves up.  For me, nothing works better than listening to a song that helps give me the strength to move forwards and keep upbeat, so I present to you my list of the Top 10 Songs That Cheer Me Up…

10. Viva la Raza – Eddie Guerrero

This song is so passionately aggressive and yet slightly playful when you realise it’s a WWE theme song.  I’ve never really been into wrestling but I frequently listen to this song when I want to blow off a little steam and pretend I’m a fearsome fighter (when I’m actually a small, very unintimidating, good girl ha ha!).

Notable lyrics…  I’m tougher than tough calling your bluff.

Good to play when…  You’re feeling a li’l irritated.

9. Everybody Wants to be a Cat – Disney’s The Aristocats

I’ve always loved this deliciously jazzy tune since I first watched the film.  Whenever I listen to it I cannot help but smile, picture those feline musicians serenading me and forget all of my problems.

Notable lyrics…  I’ve heard some corny birds who tried to sing, still the cat’s the only cat who knows how to swing.

Good to play when…  You need a bit of escapism.

8. Fairytale – Alexander Rybak

I discovered this number after I landed in London and was busily looking up European tunes to put onto my iPod.  Whenever I feel disappointed and lonely, I’ll listen to this charming song and picture myself happily together with the man of my dreams one day in the future.  Yes, it’s a little corny, but check out Alexander’s smile – you can’t dislike this dude’s enthusiasm!

Notable lyrics…  I’m in love with a fairytale even though it hurts, ’cause I don’t care if I lose my mind, I’m already cursed.

Good to play when…  You’re wishing for that dream romance.

7. Starlight – The Supermen Lovers

I discovered this song in college and never looked back.  An amazing beat coupled with a brilliant music video.  This never fails to inspire me to work hard to fulfill my dreams.

Notable lyrics…  I see my dream, for real, come true.  I will rise above the rules.

Good to play when…  You’re worried about the future.

6. I’ll Cry Instead – The Beatles

Ahhhh the Beatles!  They have a song for every situation, I swear.  I find this tune a classic if I feel heartbroken or unappreciated.

Notable lyrics…  I’m gonna hide myself away, but I’ll come back again someday.

Good to play when…  You’re feeling taken for granted.

5. I’ll Build a Stairway to Paradise – Rufus Wainwright

Rufus Wainwright’s rendition of the Gershwin classic is definitely the perfect song to play when I need something to help lift my spirits away from negativity.  Such a classy number as well!

Notable lyrics…  I’ve got the blues and up above it’s so fair, shoes go on and carry me there.  I’ll build a stairway to Paradise with a new step everyday.

Good to play when…  You need to rise above people’s criticisms.

4. Always Safety First – NRBQ

This will be this track’s second appearance on The Happy Digest!  So relaxing and full of the warmth and good memories of my childhood, this song will forever remain a classic.

Notable lyrics…  Slow down, buckle up, take the time, rehearse…always safety first.

Good to play when…  You’re feeling blue and need to hear something soothing.

3. A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You – The Monkees

Oh Davy Jones!  His sweet voice always sounded so calming and genuine to me and this song is no exception.  I love how non-confrontational the lyrics are and how all he wants to do is bring an end to the argument.  As a person who cannot stand conflict, I really identify with this!

Notable lyrics…  I don’t want to fight, I’m a little bit wrong and you’re a little bit right.

Good to play when…  You’re trying to get over an argument.

2. Time Won’t Wait – Jamiroquai

Considering Jamiroquai is my favourite band, almost all of their tracks cheer me up but this song in particular really heals me, even in my darkest moments.  Time definitely does not wait, which is why it is so important that we remember to live in the now.

Notable lyrics…  You know, you’ve got your history in the making.  Slowing down won’t get you through.

Good to play when…  You are caught up with the present and need inspiration for the future.

1. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Daft Punk

It was a tough choice deciding who would take the top spot on this list but this song officially has the largest number of repeat listens on my iPod and never fails to cheer me up and give me a renewed belief that the future holds bigger and better things.  It helps me remember what is important and the happiness I’m working towards.  Catchy, inspirational and part of the legendary film Interstella 5555 – this song wins on all levels.

Notable lyrics…  Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger…

Good to play when…  You are discouraged and need a helping hand.

Hopefully you feel as upbeat as I do after listening to these songs!  Take care and enjoy the rest of your week everyone. 😀

7 thoughts on “The Top 10 Songs That Cheer Me Up

  1. I am now listening to the Beatles as I type this comment…hehehe….Thank you for sharing your top 10!

    Love the new outlook of your blog!! Keep the posts rolling in, my friend!

    Cheers!! 😀

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