Health Kick


A few Mondays ago was my birthday (5 August) and at the new age of 25 I figured that I’d feel a little older and wiser.  Then, after a few weeks of cake eating, mojito frenzies and laughing way too loudly at Adult Swim cartoons, I realised that perhaps I need to make a few little tweaks to myself to turn into one of those well-rounded adult members of society I hear so much about.

I have been mellowing out significantly these past few weeks, trying to live in the now and not let those daily disappointments of life get me down (although I’d be lying if I haven’t vented recently over, now amusing, moments – generally spontaneously saying out loud, “Why?  What were they thinking!?  Jeez!” before remembering what I’m working on and returning to normality).  Figuring that I should match this with focusing on my health, I’ve started regularly going on daily hour-long walks and being less naughty with my diet.

Food-wise things ain’t so bad when I’m staying away from social events and focusing on my work (which is what I’m going to do for the next month) so junk food and the temptations of delicious cocktails are miles away.  The second plus in my favour is that I’m actually pretty skint at the mo.  Yeah, I know what you mean, when is skint ever a positive?  Well it definitely helps me avoid the call of overpriced café lunches and picking up snacks!  The toughest thing I still face though is when I’m out for dinner and staring at the menu thinking, “Order the salad…order the salad…you haven’t eaten lettuce in ages…” and then hear the words, “Can I grab the quattro stagioni pizza, please?” coming out of my mouth.  Whoops.

Exercise-wise I’ve been getting better at forcing myself outside to go on my daily walks.  The most difficult times being when I come home from the city ferry.  Generally I warm up inside from the cold sea air I just experienced, eat dinner and then force myself to change into my “exercise gear” (bunging on track pants that I’m glad no one will see because it’s pitch black outside) and then exiting the apartment to face the freezing evening wind.  Let me tell ya, it takes EVERY bit of self-discipline I have not to come straight back inside as I feel myself get goosebumps from the cold and my ears start hurting (I should get earmuffs at some point maybe?) but I press on regardless, and at the 15-minute mark I start to feel my body warm up and I get into my stride.

I’ve been putting up with comments from those who frequent various gyms and protein shake purveyors – “Walking ISN’T exercise, Marina!  Get a gym pass!  You need the rowing machine and to check out my spin class…”  The way I figure it, however, is that you gotta start out slow and then build up your stamina.  I’ve got dumbbells in the corner of my room I can start using again soon so that’s something!  Although I haven’t started yet.  I swear I can already feel the agonising muscle pain ahead of me but I’m going to grit my teeth and have a go tonight.  No pain, no gain, right?  (FYI if you’re in the mood for OTT entertainment then check out Pain & Gain, I found it a surprisingly enjoyable flick!)

So that’s the latest chapter from me!  I’m off now to do some work and then later on for lunch I might even enjoy some vegetable juice.  Or a frappuccino.  I’ll try sticking with the juice though. 😉

9 thoughts on “Health Kick

  1. Happy Birthday for a few Mondays ago.
    Your self discipline to go out in the cold for an hour is AMAZING! And if anyone doubts that walking isn’t an exercise, try the whole speed walking thing. Since it’s dark and hopefully no one else is out, the embarrassment of what you look like won’t be so bad!

    Keep up the good work! You’re an inspiration indeed!

    • Thank you very much, kind ‘stranger’! 😉 I appreciate the encouragement, it does definitely take a li’l bit of self-discipline (freezing in the cold for an hour vs sitting back leisurely with a film). I keep at a pretty steady pace but I might give the speed walking a go. Yay for going unnoticed in the blackness of the night! Like a ninja! With an iPod.

      • I love it when you celebrities reply to my comments! It makes me happy 🙂

        Let me know how the speed walking goes, Merino!

      • Oh yes, I’m definitely a celebrity! People ask me for my autograph all the time! In my daydreams anyway. 😉

        I’m walking all “regular” still but I’ll inform you as soon as I start speed walking for real (the closest I’ve come to it so far is walking slightly faster in the rain ha ha!).

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