The Top 10 Things That Make Me Feel Cosy


There’s nothing quite like feeling than feeling warm and cosy on a cold winter’s evening, wrapped up in your favourite PJ’s, and settling into a good book or film.  I’ve been lucky enough to experience luxurious nights like these lately and thought I’d compile a list of those extra details that help me feel extra snuggly and relaxed at the end of a long work day.

10.  Switching My Mobile Off


Living in the digital age, it seems like we’ve given up the habit of casually phoning one another and planning when to meet up.  Nowadays I’m bombarded with texts, emails, Facebook messages, LinkedIn messages etc and find that if I’m not too careful, my evening disappears in a blink of an eye after spending hours replying to my newest influx of correspondence.

To combat the temptation to obsessively check my messages, I tend to switch my phone off (or put it on silent) at least one night a week and just focus on my current surroundings instead.  So far, my eye strain has been decreased and I’ve been getting more sleep too!

9.  Hot Water Bottle


Whether you’ve got aching muscles or you’re just plain cold, making yourself a hot water bottle is always a great idea and never fails to make me feel extra comfy!

The pic above is a link to the the exact hot water bottle I have, it’s a nice size and the fleece cover makes it extra soft (I remember the day I picked it up too, I got it from a shop outside Spitalfields Market on the way home from work).

8.  Soft Toy


I don’t care if people say I’m too old for this, there’s nothing wrong with cuddling a soft toy!  Especially if you’re watching a sad movie and no one is around to hug.  There’s just something so lovely and comforting about the fluffiness.  Just be careful if you’re snacking though.  Teddy won’t be happy with you if you get crumbs or coffee stains on him. 😉

The pic above links to a teddy very similar to my one, only mine has a pink t-shirt with “I Love London” written on it (yeah it’s corny, but I get carried away with tourist-y stuff!).

7.  Bubble Bath


The ultimate way to start an evening of cosiness and relaxation is to dive into a bubble bath (possibly while sipping on champagne if it’s a special occasion or something).  I generally daydream about the future and hum silly songs while I’m in the bath.  I had a toy duck and everything!  But unfortunately it’s gone missing now, I’ll have to acquire another one down the track…

The current apartment I’m in doesn’t actually have a bath which is a bummer, so until I move into a new place I’ll have to make do with singing in the shower.  Not such a bad alternative!

6.  Soothing Music

If you’ve got the time, then turn up the CD player and play some smooth jazz (or whatever music you find particularly soothing) to help you wind down from work mode.  This really adds that feel of relaxation to the air, even if you’re just getting chores out of the way.  I don’t know about you, but washing the dishes just doesn’t feel right to me unless I’m listening to some good ol’ Sinatra. 😉

5.  Lotion


Most of us (and by “us” I mean womenfolk) tend to put moisturiser on our faces in the evening, but rarely find the time to be extra leisurely and put on body lotion as well.  Therefore whenever I’m ‘girling it up’ after a long day of work and exercise, and I use nicely scented body lotion, I feel extra relaxed in both body and mind.

The pic above links to a Rituals body moisturiser I’m a big fan of (although I can’t get any more of it because they don’t ship to New Zealand so now I use Aveeno instead, which I also recommend).

4.  Pillows and Cushions


In order to feel at my peak level of cosiness I need either (a) plenty of pillows to lie back on in bed or (b) nice comfy cushions to lean against on the couch.  There’s just something so luxurious about them, plus they double as props if you want to throw something at the TV or get into a pillow fight.  Win win!

3.  Delicious Beverage


I’ve settled into my night of cosiness.  A delicious beverage of some kind is now obligatory at this point!  Tea, coffee, hot chocolate…anything warm is a good option (my picks tend to be either green or peppermint tea).  And the more boiling it is, the better!  Otherwise my drink goes cold in 2 minutes.  Alright it’s an exaggeration, but that what it feels like sometimes.  Most likely because time gets away on me most evenings. 😉

2.  Duvet


Everything is made cosier with a duvet.  Everything!  Having a duvets makes an evening 10,000% more relaxing, I swear.  It’s science.  Not that I’m a scientist or anything but if there was one next to me then they’d probably agree with me.  Or not.  In any case, all hail the mighty duvet!

1.  Scented Candles


For me, the one item that makes me feel more cosy than anything else is definitely the humble candle.  And if it’s scented, even better!  I’ve been growing more and more used to using candles in my room instead of the harsh ceiling spotlights and it really has heightened my sense of calm and relaxation.  Especially when watching films, the candles always seem to reflect the tone of the flick (they look soothing when I’m watching a romance, but then take on an eerier tone if I have a horror on).  Candles always provide the ultimate atmosphere! 😉

The pic above links to the candle I’m currently using this week – I’m a big fan of the scents of musk or sandalwood.  This one has a very faint fragrance but I quite like it as the smell doesn’t get overpowering as the evening goes on (unlike stronger sweeter scents like vanilla).

That’s all from me for now, I’m off to get some work done before I start getting too much into a state of relaxation (it’s not even lunchtime yet and deadlines are looming).  Later tonight I’ll definitely be enjoying most of the things on this list while watching a film.  I’m not sure which one yet, although I might give Vicky Cristina Barcelona a repeat viewing.  Gotta love the whole ambiance of that picture!  One day I’d love to visit Spain, but I digress.

Take care and have yourselves a brilliant rest of the week! 😀

17 thoughts on “The Top 10 Things That Make Me Feel Cosy

  1. Turn off your devices. YES. That reminds me of all the Life Hacker articles that say to do that too. It’s a pain in the ass being constantly bombarded by txts, tweets, and facebook. Although if you had an iPhone you could put it on Do Not Disturb mode between set times and you get no notifications 😀
    It reminds me of the time when I was at a particular company and the CTO told everyone he was going to get everyone an iPhone and that part of the responsibility of having a work phone is to tie your work email to it. So when you’re off on your Christmas holiday and on the beach you could whip out your phone and check your emails. The reaction to that statement was NOT favourable!

    I’ve never had lotion (because I’m a guy and guys aren’t meant to have that… right?), scented candles, or a hot water bottle. Hmm… Gives me an idea though…

    That song from Frank Sinatra, upon hearing that again and again, I get why you love it. It really IS soothing!

    • True! Although I don’t have one of those fancy newfangled iPhones you kids have nowadays so for now I’ll keep switching off my phone. 🙂

      Yes I can indeed imagine the reaction. Everyone must have been thrilled, right? Right? Ha ha! I remember a similar situation happening in one of my old workplaces regarding laptops, although funnily enough people still took the bait (along with their additional 10+ hours of overtime each week)!

      It is a very soothing song indeed, I’m very pleased you’ve come to appreciate it as I do. 😀

      Your lack of items of cosiness has given you an idea? Excellent! You should treat yourself. Or, in the words of good ol’ Tom Haverford from ‘Parks and Recreation’, you should TREAT YO SELF.

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