Hilarious Conversations: A Look Back


Over the last fortnight I’ve had some hilarious conversations with various people and so I thought I’d post some of the highlights that I have experienced.  It’s hard to remember everything word for word so I’m probably paraphrasing a fair bit but everything here has definitely happened.  Reality is stranger than fiction! 😉

Me:  So…?

X:  So what?

Me:  So what’s the big surprise you were promising me?

X:  That was it.

Me:  What?  What was it?

X:  Just then.

Me:  What do you mean?  You mean your story about enjoying a delicious salmon dinner?

X:  Yeah.

Me:  How is THAT a surprise?

X:  Well…I thought it was a surprise.

Me:  You enjoying a nice meal isn’t a surprise!

X:  Oh, yeah I suppose if you put it that way…

Me:  You built up all that suspense for THAT!?

X:  [starts laughing]

Z:  So can I drink wine?

Me:  Where?

Z:  Here.

Me:  Here?

Z:  Yes, here.

Me:  Here in the library?

Z:  Yes.

Me:  Errrr nope! You can’t drink wine in the library.

Z:  Awww really?

Me:  Yeah.

Z:  Bummer.

Y:  I wish I could read Japanese.

Me:  Yeah, me too!

Y:  What do you think this brush is for?

Me:  It’s got a picture of a bum on it!

Y:  Weird.

Me:  Maybe it’s something to use on your ass?  Getting rid of cellulite perhaps?

Y:  A brush for your ass… That’s hilarious!  [starts using the brush on his forearm]  The bristles feel a bit harsh.

Me:  Really?  Try it on me!  [stretches out arm a little]

Y:  Huh? What? On your ass!? In front of all these people!!?

Me:  No!  I meant on my arm!

Y:  Oh.  Ohhhh.  [breathes sigh of relief]  That… That makes more sense.

W:  I mean I feel like I’m suffering from Stockholm syndrome with him but apart from that it’s fine.

Me:  Stockholm syndrome?

W:  A li’l bit.

Me:  Stockholm syndrome?

W:  Yeah. [starts laughing]

Me:  Isn’t it a bit of a bad sign when you start comparing your relationship to freakin’ Stockholm syndrome!?

W:  Most likely.

Me:  So don’t you wanna do something about it?  Stand up for yourself?  Assert your independence?  Kick him to the curb?

W:  Well I’ve got a lot on at the minute so I’m probably just gonna leave things as they are until January.

Me:  …

W:  …

Me:  …

W:  …

Me:  Fair enough then.

W:  [starts laughing again]

Me:  Oh wow!  That one over there?  That is a terrible book!

V:  [stares at me]

Me:  What?

V:  [continues staring at me]

Me:  What!? What is it?

V:  Did you actually read it?

Me:  Yes!

V:  Did you really?

Me:  I…listened to the audio book.

V:  Aha! I knew it.

Me:  What’s that supposed to mean?

V:  You never read!

Me:  Well I’m always busy drawing or working so audio books work better for me and…  Hey, I do too read!

V:  Oh really?  Name something you’ve read recently.

Me:  I’ve read–

V:  That ISN’T a comic or graphic novel.

Me:  Well now you’re just not playing fair!

V:  [starts laughing]

And that’s the end of my flashbacks to the hilarious events of the past fortnight.  You’ll notice that a few of these entries end in the other person laughing with (or at) me.  It actually happens a lot!  I like to think that giving people the gift of giggles is a good thing, even if it is at my expense sometimes he he! 😉

Take care everyone and have yourselves a brilliant weekend! 😀

8 thoughts on “Hilarious Conversations: A Look Back

  1. Spreading the giggles! I recognise where some of those conversations came from! 😉
    Love them all! Especially the first 😉
    How is listening to an audio book different to reading the actual book though…? It doesn’t change the fact that it’s a bad book! Hahahaha!

    • Oh yes, the first conversation was definitely hilarious! 😀 I can already imagine what the next time around will be like:

      X: I have a MASSIVE surprise for you!
      Me: Really?
      X: Oh yes! It’s special and I’ve prepared it just for you!
      Me: Awww you shouldn’t have! I’m so excited!
      X: Are you ready for it now?
      Me: Now?
      X: Yes, right now.
      Me: Okay! Yes definitely!
      X: Close your eyes.
      Me: Alrighty. *closes eyes*
      X: Are you ready?
      Me: Yes!
      X: I…
      Me: …
      X: …ate the most delicious trifle yesterday.
      Me: *opens eyes again*
      X: …
      Me: …
      X: …
      Me: THAT was the special surprise for me?
      X: Yes, isn’t it great?
      Me: A) How was that prepared? B) Why’d you make me close my eyes for? and C) You made me think you were about to give me a present!
      X: Oh…
      Me: …
      X: Well… A) I had to prepare the wording and my tone of voice and B) I thought it was more dramatic that way and C) What gave you that idea?
      Me: …
      X: What? I thought you’d be interested!
      Me: …
      X: You like trifle, right? Well, I had some! In September! I’m pretty sure that’s unusual. Or something.
      Me: *face palms*

      Bwahahahahaha! 😛

      Also yes I do agree with you re the book thing but oh well, I always seem to get judged on my love of audio books. What people don’t realise though is that if you’re LISTENING to a book instead of flicking through pages, then you have your hands free for important things! You know, like eating biscuits or combing your hair. 😀

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