Valentine’s Day: The Sequel?


How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day?  Hopefully fun-filled and maybe even romantical!  Me?  I ended up in a ‘mare of my own making… I decided to be extra choosy and pick gifts for my boyfriend online rather than going to stores in person as I was looking for rare and interesting gifts.  A co-worker recommended that I try AliExpress for my gifts as they have most items on there for cheap prices so I thought I’d give it a go!

Sure enough, they had everything on there that I wanted and I happily clicked on express shipping for every item to get here on time.  Days went by and I checked back at the website only to have the delayed reaction of realising that everything was being shipped from China…and it was the Chinese New Year celebrations…and everyone’s gone on holiday until late February. Bummer! 😦

Luckily my lovely boyfriend is more than understanding so we have decided upon doing “Valentine’s Day: The Sequel” down the track when everything has arrived, plus he has kept some of his gifts hidden from me so we both have things to give each other when the time is right!

In the meantime, on Valentine’s Day, we gave each other a few gifts and I received the super cute strawberry Hello Kitty and yummy Kako chocolate amongst other things! I also bought myself a little treat and got a new yellow Guess purse (guess I’m trying to match the colour scheme of my blog in real life ha ha!).

I feel super happy and especially like to give Hello Kitty a cuddle when I’m near her (she’s currently sitting next to the TV). My gifts to my boyfriend thus far has included chocolate and a cute set of PJ’s, although he politely refused to let me take a photo of him in them. Fair ’nuff I suppose! 😉

That’s all for now, so if you’ll excuse me I’ll go away now to watch something tasteful and romantic. Or not. Here’s some American Dad.

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