Does Chinese Herbal Medicine Work?


I recently ended up with a cold from work – which was inevitable since the bug was making its way around the office and I was stuck inside with the air conditioning all day – and so I thought I’d give Chinese herbal medicine a go to help get rid of my symptoms quicker than usual (since it usually takes me 7-10 days to get over it).

I went to the herbalist for the first time and was happily surprised that I didn’t have to wait too long to pick up the medicine and was able to get it an hour later.  I was given three jars and the instructions said I needed to drink half a jar everyday.  Crossing my fingers, I slowly took off the lid to see the dark liquid contents inside…



It smelled like very strong green tea and I gulped each dose down quickly while still cold from the fridge, although some people like to heat it up instead.  It wasn’t the worst tasting drink I’d ever had, once again it reminded me of green tea (only stronger), and so I spent the next 6 days carefully assessing the progress of my health.

Day 1:  Coughing symptoms decreased and my sore throat lessened, although still felt low energy.
Day 2:  Strangely I felt slightly worse – coughing, sore throat and a headache, although it calmed down by the afternoon.
Day 3:  Headache gone, sore throat and cough decreased, felt very tired.
Day 4:  Sore throat gone, slight cough remaining and felt tired.
Day 5:  Cough remaining unchanged but energy levels drastically improved and felt less unwell.
Day 6:  Cough almost gone and felt energetic.

Conclusion:  It took me a while after the medicine was finished before my cough went away (about another 5 days), which is actually quite normal for me, however I did feel that I got over my cold quicker than usual thanks to these herbs.  In particular, I felt a very sudden surge of energy on Day 5 that has still stuck with me!  Of course this isn’t at all scientific, and the possibility remains that this could all just be the placebo effect since I was enthusiastic about this, but I would definitely recommend trying out herbal medicine the next time you have a cold and see if it makes a positive difference to you too. 🙂

That’s all for now ladies and germs, I hope you’re all having a happy and healthy week!  If in doubt then just remember to be like the kitty below and keep chowing down on that vitamin C! 😀

© sweetfurx4

9 thoughts on “Does Chinese Herbal Medicine Work?

  1. Good stuff!! It’s pretty cool to hear of stories like this. I think herbs work for minor viruses like the cold but for some things you would need something like antibiotics.

  2. Hope you are feeling better already, my dear friend. Herbal medicines are good in a sense that there won’t be side effects even if they are not suitable since they are all natural…but it might take a while for the effect to take place because they are not curing the sickness itself but adjusting our health as accordingly…

    Take care and be well always~ Cheers!! 😀

    • Thank you, I’m finally feeling all better again! 🙂 Thanks for the info, I didn’t think about it in that context but you are completely right – it definitely takes some time as they adjust our well-being overall. I’ll be trying them out again the next time I catch a cold as I really love how they make me feel better without the nasty effects of antibiotics. 🙂

      Take care my friend and I hope you have a fantastic rest of the week!! 😀

    • I do not know what pills/how regularly you need to take them, but I am sure there is no harm in trying a mild herbal mixture as well as a pick-me-up (or if you can’t find a Chinese herbalist near you, then I swear by probiotics when I’m taking medication). I hope all is well with you and that you’re having a good week! 🙂

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