The Top 10 Ways to Stay Happy in the Office


I hope you’re enjoying the new look of the site!  I’ve changed up the heading and have given this page an extra burst of colours to reinforce my happy mood. 😀

It’s been a bit chaotic balancing my work life and home life these days.  I started thinking to myself about the kinds of ways I can combat the stress and stay happier in the office, and so I’ve compiled the list below with tips on how you can come home feeling in a good mood:

1.  Flashbacks to the Weekend

Personally I find that the best way to combat the Monday blues is to think about the positive highlights of the weekend and remember that there’s more fun to be had at the end of this week too!  As well as telling your coworkers about the funny times you have had, don’t forget to keep up any in-jokes and maybe flick a small email/text to one of the people that were there, e.g. last Monday I texted my boyfriend saying that I had “Prince Ali” from Disney’s Aladdin stuck in my head from Saturday and couldn’t help but smirk when he replied, “Ha ha! Me too!! 😛

2.  Dress in Happy Bright Colours

There isn’t a rule that says all corporate attire have to be only black, white or grey – mix it up a little by wearing bright colourful clothing to the office!  I find that my mood is more cheerful when I wear brightly coloured blouses to work, plus my coworkers tend to smile more when they see me too so it tends to rub off!  If you’re not one to dress up like a rainbow then you could always start off with just one accessory in a brighter accent colour, like your shoes or bag!

3.  Map Out Your Day

At the end of the prior workday, or first thing in the morning, I always map out my day to make sure that I can fit in everything that needs doing on that day.  If you have a plan or a timetable to guide you, I find that your mind becomes more focused on getting through your workload on time and you’ll feel happier at the end of the day that you were as productive as you needed to be. 🙂

4.  Nothing’s Worth Losing Your Cool

It’s amazing how many times I have witnessed coworkers and bosses in the office losing their cool in a dramatic way.  Screaming, swearing, throwing staplers at the wall, slamming doors etc.  Everyone gets angry in the workplace once and a while but even though you sometimes can’t control situations, you can always control your reaction to them.  Keeping your emotions in check and not overreacting will benefit not only your overall outlook but also your health too!

5.  Have Something to Look Forward To

Try to have something to look forward to every evening when you get home from work – enjoying the simple pleasures is what life is all about!  For me, it’s knowing that I can relax at home with dinner and enjoy watching a new episode of whatever show I’m following.  Next week, personally, it’s going to be Archer. 😀

6.  Don’t Blow Your Paycheck Immediately

No matter how tempted you are.  And especially if you get paid fortnightly, like me.  I always feel happier when I’ve been sensible, paid off those pesky bills and tucked some moolah away into my savings, rather than spending too much on treats instantly and then regretting it.  Not that you shouldn’t treat yourself on payday!  But just on something small, like a coffee or chocolate, rather than that expensive perfume you’ve been eyeing up in the department store on your way home.

7.  Take Regular Breaks

Both for your sanity and constitution, take regular short breaks to give yourself a rest from work and to keep hydrated.  There’s nothing worse than spending hours in front of the computer screen without leaving your chair.  It’s unhealthy and you feel twice as tired at the end of the day than you would have done if you had just gotten up every once and a while to rest your eyes and top up your water.  I know from experience how easily this can happen!

8.  Don’t Get Involved in Office Politics

Everyone can seem pitted against each other with rumours regularly spreading around the office and people gossiping behind other people’s backs, so what is the best way to keep above it all and to not let this kind of negativity get you down?  It’s simple: steer clear and don’t get involved.  The moment you start engaging in spreading rumours/talking negatively is the moment where petty vindictiveness becomes a part of your life.  Especially since you’re in work for the majority of your week and the cycle is bound to continue.  Avoid, avoid, avoid!

9.  Be Honest About Your Workload

Learn to say no if you have to and remember to know your limits on what is a manageable workload.  I’ve learned my lesson the hard way here, never wanting to refuse requests and working through every lunchbreak and later into the evenings trying to accommodate too many people’s requests.  As soon as I started being more honest with my bosses about my workload capacity, and learned the art of delegating, I found myself becoming a happier and more well-rested person.

10.  Remember Why You’re Here

What is your priority career-wise?  Is your path set in your current office situation or do your ambitions lie elsewhere?  Whatever it is, remember to work towards what matters to you the most and don’t let the more petty aspects of office life stand in your way.  Plus it never hurts to remember to be grateful for what you enjoy about your current situation too.  Offices sure can kick ass, especially when it’s someone’s birthday and there’s yummy cake involved!  Mmmmm…cream cheese icing… 😉

Well that’s all from me for this week – take care and have a wonderful weekend!  I’ll leave you with Pharrell’s “Happy” (c’mon, like I wouldn’t post a song with a title like this!).  Enjoy. 😀

5 thoughts on “The Top 10 Ways to Stay Happy in the Office

    • Same here, planning your day in the morning saves sooo much time and hassle right? 😛

      I’m happy you appreciate the brilliance that is Archer and those cute li’l minions ha ha! Thank you so much for the lovely comments! Take care and have a wonderful weekend ahead!! 😀

    • Thank you very much!! How is life treating you these days, my friend? 🙂 I’m doing well, have been neglecting posting lately due to moving arrangements (soon I’ll be back living in good ol’ London) but tomorrow I’m happily starting again with regular updates. Take care and have a brilliant rest of the week! 😀

      • You’re welcome, my friend!

        As you know, life is so filled with ups and downs, but everything is manageable at the moment…LOL…

        All the best to you and hopefully to read more comics in your lovely blog once you’ve settled down.

        Take care and cheers!! 😀

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