The Top 10 Things I Love About Winter

Cold Mist

I’ve been having a busy time of it recently as I have made plans to travel in September and will base myself again in jolly ol’ London!  It’s winter at the moment here in New Zealand (so I’m already getting accustomed to the colder weather, even though it’s not snowing as I’m in Auckland) and I figured what better way to celebrate it than to do a top 10 list? 😉

10.  Darker Evenings


We use New Zealand Daylight Time (NZDT) in the summer which gives us lighter evenings, whereas in winter we use New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) which gives us darker evenings.  Personally I prefer these darker evenings as I’m a bit of a night owl and it’s much more fun to have movie nights without sunshine glaring through the windows. 😉

9.  Cooking is More Fun


I find myself more inspired to cook in the winter months as it is the time to try out more complicated recipes for veggie soups and hearty roast meals!  Dinnertime becomes a bit more ambitious than keeping it simple with salads etc and I’m all for it!

8.  Hot Water Bottles


I love, love, LOVE hot water bottles!  I’m prone to getting cold feet so I find hot water bottles always do the trick to make me feel both comfortable and cosy during the chilly season. 😀

7.  Perfect Weather For Exercising


Exercising is definitely easier for me in the winter.  The cold is an excellent motivator to exercise to get yourself warm and to get your blood pumping!  Whether it’s an outdoors jog or an exercise routine at the gym (like myself), the brisk air when you’re finished with your workout is lovely and refreshing!

6.  Mornings Are More Invigorating


There’s nothing like the fresh crisp air in the morning!  It makes me feel energised and acts as a “morning wake-up call” when I’m still feeling a bit sleepy (which is more often than not!).  This, coupled with a delicious hot coffee, is the perfect combo to get me started for the day. 😛

5.  Feeling Cosy When Sheltering From The Rain


I must admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the rain.  As atmospheric and beautiful as it is – as a person who wears glasses and can’t stand getting them wet and spending the rest of the day constantly trying to get rid of the smudges I’ve created drying them – I’d rather be sheltering in the warm and witnessing it from indoors!  Watching the rain softly fall outside of your window as you sit inside, curled up with a good book (or graphic novel), is something truly cosy and luxurious.

4.  The Fireplace


Growing up I’ve mostly lived in houses which have a fireplace.  There’s something that sparks my imagination when I look into the flames and sit in front of it daydreaming.  The magic you feel when you’re in front of the fireplace with your loved ones is one of the things I treasure the most about winter.  Sadly now I’m living in an apartment with no fireplace but we’re making do with candles which retains some of that loving atmosphere! 😀

3.  Enjoying Comfort Foods


It’s not the best for the waistline but come on…how great is it to enjoy the hearty comfort foods of winter?  With the cold weather making your appetite increase, it’s difficult to resist even if you wanted to, so (with a moderate amount of restraint) just give yourself a break and enjoy!  My fave winter food at the mo is garlic roasted potatoes.  Mmmmm…

2.  Winter Accessories


‘Tis the season for cute accessories!  All those cool winter hats, gloves, ear-muffs, scarves and coats that were sitting in the back of your wardrobe can now come out to play!  Fashion is much more glamorous in the winter in my opinion, with its rich colours and ornate fabrics.  My favourite winter accessory at the moment is my fluffy panda scarf!

1.  Cuddling Up Under The Duvet


Yes, yes, a thousand times yes – I LOVE cuddling up under the duvet!  In fact a duvet is now permanently stationed on the couch so me and my partner can keep warm during our film nights and YouTube marathons (yep, can’t help but get addicted to those scary Markiplier playthroughs!).  Plus I’m typing this blog post in bed under a duvet.  They are my winter essential, that’s for sure!

That’s all for now, ladies and gentlemen!  I’m off to grab a hot cup of tea, so I will leave you with this video featuring cups of…kitties?  Take care and have yourselves a brilliant weekend! 😀

One thought on “The Top 10 Things I Love About Winter

  1. What? So fast and you are thinking about winter? LOL…well…at least reading this post has temporary taken me away from the heat that we are suffering right now…hehe…How I wish winter (though there is none here) is here soon…hehhe….

    Thank you so much for sharing and hope everything is well over your side!

    Cheers!!! 😀

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