The Top 10 Songs You Shouldn’t Listen To In Bed


It’s official: I’m back in London!  Woo yeah!  It’s been a long and painful process of moving, packing, shipping, flat-hunting, moving and unpacking but now I’ve finally settled back in good ol’ Blighty and am feeling ready to spend the next year or so discovering what adventures Europe has to offer. :mrgreen:

Lately, what with all of these moves and a looming to-do list now that it’s Christmas season, I’ve been increasingly taking my iPod to bed to distract myself from over-thinking by listening to songs to help me drift off to sleep.  There are a few tunes, however, that I wouldn’t recommend…

10.  If You Leave Me Now (Chicago)

Better Suited For:  Feeling Weepy

Playing this sad song in bed will only lead you to feeling sadness and regret over the goodbyes you’ve had in your life.  Oh why did they cancel you, Bored to Death, why? 😥

9.  Candy Candy (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)

Better Suited For:  Snacking

The word “candy” is repeated over and over and over again…  You don’t stand a chance against the temptation to grab a midnight snack!  For me, the contender would be the Japanese candy sitting on the edge of my living room coffee table (got some as an extra freebie when receiving some Nanoblock Pokemon from Amazon).

8.  Sea People and Me (South Park)

Better Suited For:  Humming It When It’s On TV

I cannot listen to South Park songs in bed without thinking, “Hey wait a minute – I could be watching South Park right now!” and eventually making my way back to the DVD player for one more episode.  And by one more, I mean five more.

7.  8-Bit World (Your Favorite Martian feat. Hoodie Allen)

Better Suited For:  Gaming

As soon as I’m halfway through this tune I get the urge to start gaming the night away!  Usually my games aren’t of the 8-bit variety, the closest I come to that is Kurushi, but nevertheless this song makes me wanna pull out the PlayStation every time I hear it. 😉

6.  Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Daft Punk)

Better Suited For:  Working

This song is so damn motivating!  As soon as I hear it I get right into my “Brian Tracy mode” and feel the need to get back outta bed and start working hard!  Usually I only get to the stage of writing out some goals I want to achieve the next day, which IS a positive thing, however I end up more wide awake than ever by the end of it. 😐

5.  Let’s Get Blown (Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell)

Better Suited For:  Partying

When listening to this in bed I immediately think (especially if it’s a Friday night), “Why am I in bed when I could be sipping on cocktails and partying on a yacht?  Living life to the fullest?  In a kick-ass mansion?  How much are yachts these days I wonder…” and then descend into over-thinking my daydreams ‘n’ such.

4.  See My Vest (The Simpsons)

Better Suited For:  Singing Out Loud

I feel a bit like Andy from The Office when this song comes on, it’s almost impossible for me to listen to this without coming alive and wanting to sing it out loud!  And when I say sing out loud, I mean to the entirety of the song because I still know all of the lyrics off by heart from when I learned them for fun in college.  Yeah, I’m cool I know. 😛

3.  Halloween Theme Song (John Carpenter)

Better Suited For:  Halloween Party

This song will fill you with paranoia, lying there in the dark while you think you see a figure in the shadows…  That’ll teach me for delving into my iPod’s Halloween playlist after October’s over!

2.  Canned Heat (Jamiroquai)

Better Suited For:  Dancing

You just have to get up and dance to this track when you hear it!  This song energises me from top to toe, leaving me wide awake and ready to boogie. 😎

1.  Techno Syndrome (The Immortals)

Better Suited For:  Kicking ass!  Also exercising.

This is the best theme song ever!  Always makes me want to learn karate.  Or kung fu.  Or capoeira.  All of the above!  This is another tune that stimulates my senses and makes me feel like going on an adventure!  Or getting a punching bag.  I wonder if my flat’s big enough for one… 💡

That’s all from me for now, I’m off to start making dinner and then settle into watching some YouTube.  At the moment I’m really enjoying boogie2988‘s videos, he plays a character called Francis who is hilariously nutty:

Take care and have yourselves a brilliant rest of the week Christmas shopping ‘n’ such! 😀

11 thoughts on “The Top 10 Songs You Shouldn’t Listen To In Bed

  1. YES! This list is so awesome!
    I didn’t expect number one song to be that! And now I know the name and band for it! But I’ll probably still refer to it as “the Mortal Kombat song”

    • Thanks very much for the kind words! I too only just learned the song name and band when I started doing the research for this post but will still probably stick to calling it the Mortal Kombat theme. Gotta love that deep voice, “Test your might!” ha ha! 😀

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