Resolutions for 2015


Well, it’s that time again!  The beginning of another new year and another set of resolutions to make (and most likely break).  Did you all have a good time over the holidays?  My Christmas and New Year’s were delightfully relaxing and lazy.  Especially due to getting a PS3!  So yes, at the moment I’m still very much in holiday/gaming mode, however I have been reflecting on how my year went in 2014 and what I want from this new year going forwards.

Resolution 1:  Mornings

For 2015 I’d like to work on my morning routine.  For starters, I’d actually like to HAVE a morning routine!  I’m very much a night owl and therefore tend to sleep in too long.  During the times where I actually have to get up early and head into the office, I keep it to split-second timing and race through the showering and breakfast process, run out the door to get the train at the last minute and then sleepily apply my makeup during the ride in.  No more of this, I say!  No more!  Well, less of it anyway.  From here on in, I’ll endeavour to get up a little earlier and actually learn how to become more of a morning person.  The first step will be going to bed earlier, which is difficult at the moment with the lure of the PS3, but nil desperandum!

Resolution 2:  Social Media

For 2015 I’d like to finally update my social media regularly.  Or at least semi-regularly!  I may check it now and again and reply to messages, but I am pretty darn lazy in regards to actually posting updates about my life to the world and uploading photos.  My first step in rectifying this will be to check Facebook at least once a week and from now on will start bringing my camera along when I’m out in London’s streets sightseeing.  I’ve finally found my camera charger after weeks of it being missing (it was in my hair straightener’s old box for some reason!) so there’s no excuse now. 😛

Resolution 3:  Comic Cons

For 2015, now that I’m back in Europe, I want to check out as many comic conventions as possible!  I’ll update you on any cons I decide to exhibit in, as I’m currently working on compiling my Sevillana comics into a comic strip book, but in the meantime I will definitely be visiting the London Anime Con this February to say hello to everybody and enjoy the kawaii artwork and goodies! :mrgreen:

Resolution 4:  Cooking

For 2015 I’d like to reaffirm my priority on health and fitness by making more of an effort to cook fresh food everyday!  Sure, every now and again it’s okay to slip up with takeaways and of course it’s fine as an occasional treat, however in London I find that it’s very easy to get caught up with a busy schedule and end up eating one too many microwave meals that aren’t the best nutritional value (although I will say that M&S aren’t too bad in this department!).  I’ve bought up fresh veggies and herbs and at the moment I can say the case is so far, so good.

Resolution 5:  Daily Goal Setting

For 2015 I want to be more focused on my daily goal setting and not half-arse it like I did last year (it was more weekly goal setting, and while it proved helpful to my productivity I would end up skipping weeks at a time when getting distracted by work schedule matters).  I’ve already bought my goal setting notebook (I highly recommend the Palgrave Student Planner, it’s format is ideal) and so far I’ve been successfully writing my “goals for the next day” in it each night before I go to bed.  My productivity has been improved already and it’s definitely easier to keep on top of of bills and other similar adult guff that life throws at you when you’re keeping track on paper.

That’s all for now, folks!  I wish you luck with your own resolutions this year and I hope that 2015 brings you all the happiness, love and success you deserve! 😀

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