Pickles the Plushie


Lately I’ve had the yen to turn my comic character Pickles into a plushie, so after two days of sketching, thinking, sewing and rubbing my chin…here he is! 🙂

First of all, I created a maquette out of green paper:


Then I took the paper apart and transferred the pattern onto baking paper:


Next, I pinned the baking paper pattern onto the felt and cut out the pattern pieces:


After sewing some of the pieces together (including sewing and stuffing the tail to completion), I drew on the pupils with fabric markers and glued Pickles’ face on:


The fabric glue needed to be ironed to set, so off I went to the ironing board:


At long last, it was time to sew everything together and stuff the plushie.  At last Pickles was finished and looking extra smiley! 😀


I hope you enjoyed looking into the process of making a Pickles plushie!  I plan to perfect the design a little more, as well as creating different moods for the plushies, and soon will be launching an Etsy store, but all in good time…

Take care, keep happy and have a wonderful rest of the week!  If you’re in the mood for more Pickles madness then check out Sevillana comics here or join the weekly comic strip mailing list here. :mrgreen:

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11 thoughts on “Pickles the Plushie

  1. A friend of mine with her own comic, is thinking of making plushie so this was sort of nice to see others doing it too and your turn out wonderful

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