“It’s a flamingo, Russell!”: My Review of Nanalan’


© Nanalan’

As a fan of YMS (the YouTube channel Your Movie Sucks), I was curious to see amongst Adum’s uploads what looked to be a children’s show targeted towards preschoolers. After watching his thoughts on the show (which can be found here), I managed to have a look at a few episodes online and discovered the super cute world of Nanalan’! :mrgreen:

The series comprises three-minute shorts of three-year-old Mona, a wonderfully curious little (green) girl who visits her Nana and her Nana’s pet dog Russell (mispronounced sweetly as “Russer”) for fun adventures in the garden!

This show is very much shown from the perspective of a curious child and really nails how toddlers behave. I highly recommend this show for parents to show their toddlers, as well as curious viewers like me who enjoy remembering how magical the world is when you’re little! 😀

Below is the flamingo episode of Nanalan’ – I find the ending of this ep HILARIOUS (seriously, me and Hayden got the giggles over the voice acting)! Although be warned, the theme song to this show can get stuck in your head… 😛

In personal news, I had an AMAZING time at MCM and now we’re gearing up for the London Anime Con in July. As usual it’s very much “so much to do, so little time” but at the mo I’m taking a breather and having been enjoying relaxing and checking out the latest series of Inside No. 9 which I just realised was out (great stuff if you’re a horror aficionado).

Take care, keep happy and I hope you all have a brilliant week ahead! 😀

6 thoughts on ““It’s a flamingo, Russell!”: My Review of Nanalan’

  1. Now your going to my make break my horrible secret to the light, I watch cartoon who target audience maybe middleschooler or younger, because it makes me feel like child inside and I often hang out with my best friend’s kids who are 11 and 13 because I have more fun with them, gosh sort of feel like big brother of father with them

    • Aww that’s not a horrible secret, I do that too ha ha! That’s so lovely that you hang out with your best friend’s kids, I bet they have so much fun when you come over. 😀

      We haven’t been around anyone’s kids after moving to London but a family of ducklings has moved into the courtyard of our apartment complex. I’m not sure what this has to do with our conversation as such, but I just felt like adding that they are the BEST NEIGHBOURS EVER. I hear them quacking whenever I’m out on the balcony ha ha! ❤

      • Hahaha they actually do love when over there, we play games often and as mention before I’m sort of a child inside.
        You know baby animals are always some of the most adorable creature they are out there : )

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