My Week or: How I Learned to Stop Eating KFC and Love the Croissant


How are you all going?  I hope you’ve been having a great start to the week.  It’s been a while since I’ve done an update post and so I thought I’d get you guys up to speed! 😎

It’s been very much “Go Johnny Go, Go, Go, Go!” this month, as lots of updates are underway with all things to do with Yip Yip Studios.  Hayden and I have been beavering away with a digital marketing company to help update the website (the new site launch will happen in the next few weeks), the Pickles plush toys are currently in the midst of being manufactured and there is a book deal in the works.  Soon, if all goes well, you’ll be seeing Pickles the Cat on bookshelves near you – woo hoo! ❤

Pickles Smiling

When it comes to my relaxation and social time, sadly it seems to have suffered a bit this month.  Not enough time out to spend with my friends and family, and certainly not enough time in the day to take an hour aside to paint my nails with something silly on in the background like stand-up comedy.  Then came the brainwave of going on holiday!

This week, Hayden and I are off to see the beautiful and fantastic sights and sounds of Paris.  We set off tomorrow and I can happily tell you that I have been eagerly practicing my French skills.  I’m not saying that they are much good and all, but, you know, pas de soucis!

That’s all for now, ladies and germs!  I’ll leave you with this elegant (and, dare I say, majestic) French song.  Take care and I hope you have yourselves a brilliant week ahead! 🐱

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