Biography: Marina Williams

Marina Williams is the founder of The Happy Digest and Sevillana Comics and is all about the three C’s: Comics, Cats and Cheese.  Preferably grilled cheese.  Hailing from the Hibiscus Coast in New Zealand, where the sun shines brightly and seagulls squawk belligerently, Marina grew up with an active imagination and a dream.  A dream to grow up and on one magical day be able to show people her cartoon figures encapsulated in little square-shaped panels and say, “Yep. I drew that.”

Marina released her comic strip, Sevillana, in 2012 to murmurs of bewilderment, screams of ambivalence and grunts of acceptance.  Marina moved to London in 2014 and exhibits her work annually in comic conventions.  You can find her work in a variety of bookstores in New Zealand and Europe and online. 😀


9 thoughts on “Biography: Marina Williams

      • My cat loves an early breakfast. I think she starts staring at me about 3am, seething, until she loses patience around 6 and wakes me up. Remarkable restraint, actually, or perhaps just a long history of failure.

      • Ahhh felines, you can’t live with them but you can’t live without them! Although I am of the latter category, since I’m constantly travelling around the Europe at the mo I figured that I’d better wait it out until I’m settled somewhere before adopting a ball of fluff. Just checked out your blog and saw the pics of your cat – she is very adorable and has mischievous eyes. 🙂

      • Thanks. Our 12-year-old is from the Hong Kong SPCA. Every time we moved to a new city in China or Thailand or Vietnam, my wife and I ate whatever, but I had to begin Herculean quests to find an acceptable cat food. Oh, and Shaoxing China doesn’t sell cat litter. Fun times.

      • It sounds like you have one high-maintenance kitty when it comes to food ha ha. How did you cope with the cat litter situation in China? That must have been a bit of an ordeal!

      • Cat food and cat litter were readily available in Hangzhou. When we moved to Shaoxing, we had to visit Hangzhou once a month anyway, so I took an empty suitcase every trip and filled it with cat litter. I must’ve been the only lao wei tourist to ever say “take me to your cat litter.”

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