Valentine’s Day Shenanigans


How has everyone’s Valentine’s weekends gone? 🙂 Mine was brilliant, my lovely boyfriend gave me some truly kick-ass comics and a beautiful bouquet of InfiniteRoses – they are specially preserved and can last for up to a year! (more…)

The Bum Brush


I did it!  I finally did it!  I have finally purchased the bum brush referenced in my earlier post:

Y:  I wish I could read Japanese.
Me:  Yeah, me too!
Y:  What do you think this brush is for?

Me:  It’s got a picture of a bum on it!
Y:  Weird.

Me:  Maybe it’s something to use on your ass?  Getting rid of cellulite perhaps?
Y:  A brush for your ass… That’s hilarious!  [starts using the brush on his forearm]  The bristles feel a bit harsh.

Me:  Really?  Try it on me!  [stretches out arm a little]
Y:  Huh? What? On your ass!? In front of all these people!!?

Me:  No!  I meant on my arm!
Y:  Oh.  Ohhhh.  [breathes sigh of relief]  That… That makes more sense. (more…)

Forever Autumn

As I’ve started getting into my stride these past few weeks, I’ve started regularly going on hour-long nightly walks around the streets of my local area and indulging in deep reflection.  Reflecting on my situation now, my hopes and dreams for the future and, most of all, the time that I had spent in London. (more…)

Why I Wash My Hair With Beer


Finally.  FINALLY I’ve been able to fit in the time to write a post this week.  It’s been crazy in my new job I tells ya, there’s just so much to learn!  Luckily I have some lovely co-workers to help me out and I’ve still got training sessions ahead of me – it has all been very challenging but I suppose that at least I’m exercising my brain. 😉 (more…)

My Top 12 Moments of Happiness from 2012


Well it’s that time of year again, it’s New Year’s Eve and the fireworks and drinks are being liberally enjoyed by one and all.  Just before I continue with the festivities however, I decided that I would like to sit down and reflect on the year that’s past and what I want from the year ahead.  (more…)

Burger Queen

Whaddya do with a girl who breaks into sneezing fits every 5 minutes and coughs all over everything?  Send her to the kitchen!  Well that’s how it went today in work as I helped with the dinner shift to serve a large group of guests.  (more…)

Smell Me

Today’s high point was when my order of lip balms arrived in the post.  I always get that little buzz of excitement when there is  package for me as it instinctively feels like a gift, despite knowing full well that I already paid for it and what the contents is.  Now I’m in uber girly mode trying out all the flavours (well, they all smell like food, which is why I use the word “flavours”) and walking around with the whiff of fruit salad ever hanging in the air.  (more…)