Valentine’s Day Shenanigans


How has everyone’s Valentine’s weekends gone? 🙂 Mine was brilliant, my lovely boyfriend gave me some truly kick-ass comics and a beautiful bouquet of InfiniteRoses – they are specially preserved and can last for up to a year! (more…)

The Top 10 Things That Make Me Feel Cosy


There’s nothing quite like feeling than feeling warm and cosy on a cold winter’s evening, wrapped up in your favourite PJ’s, and settling into a good book or film.  I’ve been lucky enough to experience luxurious nights like these lately and thought I’d compile a list of those extra details that help me feel extra snuggly and relaxed at the end of a long work day. (more…)

Bring out the Celebration Biscuits


We’re a step closer to having a done deal on buying the house!  (more…)

My Top 12 Moments of Happiness from 2012


Well it’s that time of year again, it’s New Year’s Eve and the fireworks and drinks are being liberally enjoyed by one and all.  Just before I continue with the festivities however, I decided that I would like to sit down and reflect on the year that’s past and what I want from the year ahead.  (more…)

Happy Halloween!


Ahhh the wonder and delight of Halloween!  This is truly one of my favourite holidays of the year and it never fails to give me a burst of happiness.  It’s not just my love of all things macabre in literature and film that helps me love today but it’s also the fact that it is the rare occasion where you can dress up and transform yourself into anything you wish.  From a creepy ghoul to an innocent fairy, the only limit is your imagination, and for the day you get to play “make believe” and have the fun of taking a holiday away from yourself to imagine what life would be like if your fantasies became reality. (more…)