Haiku for Today II

Too sleepy from work

Yet I should update this blog

So here’s a cute meme


That’s all for now folks ha ha! 😉  It’s been all work and no play for me lately but I’ll post again soon with all the gossip in my life (and my excitement over Easter being around the corner!).  Until then, keep smiling and keep happy my friends! 😀

Haiku for Today


Seeing real estate

Could this be the home for us?

For now we shall wait

The poem above essentially explains my day today.  I spent the entirety of the afternoon with my family viewing a property which potentially could be our new home.  After days of deliberating we saw the place for the second time today, put in our offer and are now waiting to hear back from the sellers… (more…)



Feeling better today!  Woo hoo!  Since my work shift is over, I have decided to treat myself to a horror film.  It might sound bizarre to hear me talking about the genre where things go bump in the night, especially in a blog dedicated to happiness, but getting scared from watching a film can put me in the greatest of moods afterwards.  (more…)