The Top 10 Songs You Shouldn’t Listen To In Bed


It’s official: I’m back in London!  Woo yeah!  It’s been a long and painful process of moving, packing, shipping, flat-hunting, moving and unpacking but now I’ve finally settled back in good ol’ Blighty and am feeling ready to spend the next year or so discovering what adventures Europe has to offer. :mrgreen:

Lately, what with all of these moves and a looming to-do list now that it’s Christmas season, I’ve been increasingly taking my iPod to bed to distract myself from over-thinking by listening to songs to help me drift off to sleep.  There are a few tunes, however, that I wouldn’t recommend… (more…)

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun


Wow!  Where the heck has the time gone?  Seriously!?  Hey ho, at least at this rate Halloween will get here quicker (one of my favourite holidays!). 🙂  Now onto my news of the day… (more…)

Happy Halloween!


Ahhh the wonder and delight of Halloween!  This is truly one of my favourite holidays of the year and it never fails to give me a burst of happiness.  It’s not just my love of all things macabre in literature and film that helps me love today but it’s also the fact that it is the rare occasion where you can dress up and transform yourself into anything you wish.  From a creepy ghoul to an innocent fairy, the only limit is your imagination, and for the day you get to play “make believe” and have the fun of taking a holiday away from yourself to imagine what life would be like if your fantasies became reality. (more…)

Piano-Playing Kittens

I was just thinking about how Halloween will soon be around the corner (one of my fave holidays) so to celebrate that fact here are two gorgeous kittens to play a spooky tune for you.  Enjoy! 😀

Visit sweetfurx4’s YouTube channel for more videos of fluffiful goodness. =^_^=