Burger Queen

Whaddya do with a girl who breaks into sneezing fits every 5 minutes and coughs all over everything?  Send her to the kitchen!  Well that’s how it went today in work as I helped with the dinner shift to serve a large group of guests.  (more…)

Infected & Rejected

Firstly, a big thank you goes to Jake and Moment Matters for liking my last post!  This is my very first blog and yours were the first likes I’ve received so it really made me feel great. 🙂

Work was difficult today for many reasons, mostly due to the flu and the fact that it’s a Sunday.  Unfortunately my lurking germs have made people avoid coming too close to me and act as if I have rabies.  Ah well, on the bright side that meant that no one was close enough to the computer to notice me looking up gossip on MSN.  Score 1-0 to flu! (more…)

Lemony Fresh

As well as being bitten by happiness bug I have also managed to catch the flu bug.  Serenity now!  On the bright side I have the day off work today so I have spent my time being lazy on the couch playing video games.  (more…)