Health Kick


A few Mondays ago was my birthday (5 August) and at the new age of 25 I figured that I’d feel a little older and wiser.  Then, after a few weeks of cake eating, mojito frenzies and laughing way too loudly at Adult Swim cartoons, I realised that perhaps I need to make a few little tweaks to myself to turn into one of those well-rounded adult members of society I hear so much about. (more…)

Critic’s Corner: Anna Karenina (2012)

© Focus Features (2012)

After a few weeks of battling a nasty chest infection (it turned out the flu was only a precursor) I’m now back to regularly update this blog – please find my film review of Anna Karenina below!

Joe Wright’s version of Tolstoy’s literary masterpiece is an ambitious film, packed with artistic flair and a seemingly big budget, but sadly this interpretation of the tale completely falls flat.  In an effort to make this version updated and unique compared with the rest of the film adaptations, Wright made the risky decision to set the entire film’s backdrop in a theatre building with the characters constantly pushing the idea that we are watching an ongoing play (going so far as to show the characters around the back of the stage and showing extras changing props etc).  Despite this technique sometimes being visually striking, most of the time it takes away from any immersion you would hope to have in the film.  (more…)