PostSecret: Auckland, NZ 2013

Back on Friday, 12 April, I experienced an event filled with powerful emotions and ideas.  Happiness, sadness, anger, rejection, hilarity, confusion…but most of all, hopefulness.  As I sat impatiently in my seat, waiting for Frank Warren – the creator of the PostSecret project – to walk onto the stage, I had no idea of just how important the project’s message of hope was.  How many lives it has changed for the better.  How many lives it has saved. (more…)

Why I Wash My Hair With Beer


Finally.  FINALLY I’ve been able to fit in the time to write a post this week.  It’s been crazy in my new job I tells ya, there’s just so much to learn!  Luckily I have some lovely co-workers to help me out and I’ve still got training sessions ahead of me – it has all been very challenging but I suppose that at least I’m exercising my brain. 😉 (more…)